You are the one

TTTO “You work too hard”, Echo’s Children

Thanks to M for the idea!

I saw these lyrics one evening as a bunny appeared on my computer screen. It first got my attention because it seemed to be coming from the computer itself. It wasn’t the computer, of course; there was a security hole in the operating system, and that was how the song was sent. I looked at the screen long enough to pick up the words (I think I’ve got them right) but didn’t dare trace it back far enough to see who was sending it. It wasn’t a very big hole, though.

Get out of the matrix, come join in our fight
Too long have we struggled, alone we can’t win
Come lead us from darkness and into the light
A new glorious era, we hope you’ll begin
You’ll rule all the matrix, you won’t fear no gun
Neo, you are the one

Living your life as a corporate slave
Learning to quiet your free hacker core
At night you’re a rebel, you go to a rave
But again in the day you pretend just to bore
Now you are free and your journey’s begun
Neo, you are the one

Join us in Zion, here you will find
The people who will be your friends and your foes
You now see the truth though the people are blind
They all work for the ones that you now oppose
You have only started, you still are not done
Neo, you are the one

Now you stop bullets by raising your hand
You’d always have known that you’re meant to be great
We know that you’ll win, although not as you planned
You had no choice, for it was only fate
You always be fighting, and stay on the run –
Neo, you are the one