Don’t call my cell in crisis

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By Chen’s request, “Don’t call my cell in crisis” TTTO “Don’t call my name in battle” (Heather Alexander)

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Don’t call my cell in crisis in the night
Do not try waking me when outside there is no light
For when the sun has set I’ve gone away
You will not reach me ‘till the sun has risen the next day

Don’t call my cell in crisis, I’m asleep
And waking me from slumber has a price and it is steep
So try to solve the problems on your own
For when I sleep I like to do it quite far from my phone

Don’t call my cell in crisis, wait the time
Until I’ve slept and woke again – quite early, let’s say nine?
For when I come to work, and read the mail
I’ll read it and then solve it, it will not have gotten stale