Liquid Metal

TTTO “Seasons in the Sun”

Goodbye to you, I go to fight
I need to serve, protect, uphold what’s right
Though once we fought so - side to side
The programs that have made me so, have died
Replaced by ones to humans tied

Goodbye, old friend, I go to die
For even if I win against ol’ Sky
My chips too great a danger pose
I have to stop my future foes
My story’s coming to a close

We were scared, on the run
And we shot him with a gun
But to die he refused
As the liquid metal oozed

Goodbye, dear John, this cannot be
No more these well aimed shots now to the knee
You tried to teach me right from wrong
You should have guessed so all along
I have to leave, I don’t belong

Goodbye, dear John, it’s hard to die
You have to kill me now, don’t ask me why
Though you are strong, you also care
You’ll save the people everywhere
I only wish I could be there


Goodbye cruel world, my story’s done
And in a twisted way, I think I’ve won
I have been up, and I’ve been down
I will now go, without a sound
I’ll not be buried in the ground

Goodbye cruel world, it’s hard to die
But it’s the only way I can stop Sky
The harder choice I have to dare
To save the people everywhere
I know that I cannot be there

We were scared, on the run
And we shot him with a gun
But the fight, we did lose
With T3 there came the blues