Lifetime of Filk

<font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><em><strong>Lifetime of Filk</strong></em></font>
TTTO “Lifetime of Song”
Original: Heather Alexander (Lifetime of Song)

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How great is the need to twist and to maim
Some think that filking is awefully lame
But a pun and a wink and a joke that’s obscure
Is good trade for a song (or is it? I’m unsure)

What gift can I find in return for this prize?
When you sing me the songs that bring tears to my eyes
I can take all your lyrics and twist them around
The look will be new, but the same ol’ good sound

I will fashion a pun with a twist of my mind
For the lyrics you sing, I will give back in kind
I will poke, prod and push, every rhyme I will milk
A lifetime of song’s worth a lifetime of filk

I can take from your tune, ‘till you wish it had died
I can’t write songs from scratch, so my time I will bide
When you have a new song, that you’ll wish I ignore
I will chuckle and publish new lyrics galore


This vow that you made will be my way to fame
For each song that you write is a new tune I claim
Be it loud hard-rock drumming or a nice quiet song
With each new creation my filking grows strong