Give You a Ride

TTTO “Catch the Tide”, Talis Kimberly

Saw you here and so I came to greet you
Saw you worried and I wondered why
Then relieved as you turned to face me
Replying, when I said goodbye:
“Can you drive me, do you have some car-space,
Or would you leave me here” – I should have fled
Though I accept fate with only few ill-graces
Well, you know that I could only have said

You know it’s fun when we just hang out together
No matter where we go or where we roam
But the buses would just you take forever
And I know that you cannot walk home
If you need it, I can give you a ride, my dear
If you need it, I can give you a ride

I’m not sorry, it is nice you need me
I like to drive and so I won’t stop now
In a few years time perhaps you may not need me
If your driving finally is allowed
I do expect you to remember me kindly
But I won’t ask for more when I am gone
I could move elsewhere, so it isn’t really slavery
But nowhere else can I have that much fun


When the party’s done I walk around and look for you
Though I pretend it’s just to say goodbye
I don’t dare drive away, I worry for you
I cannot leave here, leave you high and drive
I do not want to feel the full force of your vengeance
So you know I can’t just leave you here
It’s late at night and you long for your sweet dreams
Well I’m tired now – I’m tired now, but my dear: