Make it so

TTTO “Play It Slow”

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Make it so, make it so, these words hold us all in wonder
When we fight or flee or travel; make it so, and go
For it speaks to us of planning, and we know there’ll be no blunder
We are sure to be make it safely if we only make it so

Now you lead a starfleet flagship and of that there’s no refuting
In the face of sure destruction, we all know that you’ll stay calm
When the plot picks up its pace and we expect to see some shooting
Of some science fiction weapons, and perhaps a fusion bomb

So we rise up from the floor and see our shields are almost down
Now I know your captain’s instincts will make sure we see it through
But I’d like for you to know that you can change the words around
For by now we have all got it, and we can recite it true