Jedi in Training

TTTO “Natati La Khayay”

Back in the days that were not told, lost to backstory
Back in the days when men were men, pursuing glory
Back when republics fell, and empires ascended
Back when the order of the jedis almost ended
Father’s taught, and now the son
With lightsabre, stop a gun
It’s your shift,
Rocks to lift
So now go ahead

Do or do not, don’t try
No matter how you cry
You’ll learn to lift the stuff
Until you’re good enough
To be a jedi

You are now training to defeat your evil father
And if you fail, the fight you lose, there is another
Though Yoda’s dead now, so there is no one to train her
I fear it falls to you, no matter how it pains her
Concentrate, you must train well
While in this cold swamp you dwell
Please be good
As you should
And now go ahead


And just when all was lost, your daddy killed his ruler
I guess that when it’s said and done, he was just cooler
Your training was not worth that much, but never mind it
We could not hope, in such short time, much to refind it
But it served well to distract
‘Till your daddy did the act
He is dead
See his head
And at least you can