Fox’s Song

<font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><em><strong>Fox’s Song</strong></em></font>
Original: Mal’s Song (Michelle Dockerey)

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When the pages fly down the internet tubes
And the HTML is rendered to screen
Sometimes it works, if the standard is kept
And the code and the graphics try to be clean
There’s a simple standard, they embrace and extend
If there’s two ways about it, then they choose a third
There were wars we won, and then a war that we lost
Then we freed the code, made a splash that was heard!

It’s called firefox, but it was firebird
Don’t you tell me that I’m just a nerd

Take my SYN, take my ACK
Drop ‘em and don’t give ‘em back
I don’t care, it’s still free
You can’t take the code from me
Take me to the internet
Just let me perform a GET
From the standards make debris
You can’t take the code from me

When you see a man, and he’s surfing alone
Well you can assume that he’s searching for porn
The righteous forbid it, and sniff to make sure
But men will be men, from the time that they’re born
Religious fanatics and the government hounds
Protecting virtue and censoring you
But my browser’s got 128 bits
Hard core encryption, they can’t break through

Don’t you think I care ‘bout you and your crew
There’s nothing that my browser can’t do

When you’ve read the code, and you’ve seen what I’ve seen
Well you won’t go talkin’ ‘bout leak free code
You’ll see the memory usage go through the roof
Yes running that program is quite a load
I’ve seen browsers crash from Javascript bugs
Seen HTML which good design mocks
Non-standard elements by droves and flocks

My God, got to get out of this box
Still I got my browser – that’s Firefox