The Song and Dance

<font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><em><strong>The Song and Dance</strong></em></font>
Original: The Crane Dance (Julia Ecklar)

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In this song, I quest for lyrics
But they come not to me
“Writing words is the point of filk”
But alas it will not be
It is hard to write the lyrics
When the words don’t come to mind
Perhaps I can beg for lyrics,
If people will be kind

For lyrics can move minds and hearts
And hold allure for fen
But the lyrics don’t flow easily
To the paper from my pen

In my life, I’ve written lyrics
Perhaps I’m tapped out now
I know I can come up with lyrics
But I have forgotten how
If I try to surf to rhymezone
At least it will suck less
My friends, for this I’m sorry
But this song turns out a mess

For lyrics of a fairy tale
That everybody knows
For ideas to write my lyrics
I intend to turn to prose

Still I try to quest for lyrics
With my laptop on my knees
I still yearn to find my muse, for
My quest perhaps she’ll ease
With my hands upon the keyboard
And vi in insert mode
I try to write out song words
But I’m too used to writing code

For lyrics are within my grasp
If I just try hard enough
I just hope the lyrics will come soon
Why should it be so tough?

Shall I despair of finding lyrics
Or shall be brave and strong?
Could it be that sometime soon
The ideas would come along
This song is almost over
And the words are almost done
And before this song is finished
I will come up with a pun

For lyrics are so hard to find
This close to the end
But I know where to find lyrics
If I put them on my stand