The Wise Penguin

TTTO “Ha’Ahava Sheli Hi Lo Ha’Ahava Shelo” by Yehonatan Gefen (tune by Yitzhak Klepter)

I won’t forget the sight, a penguin, glasses on his eyes
And when he looked at me, I somehow knew that he was wise
I knew I couldn’t tell him any lies
Just like his wings would not fly him to the skies
The shingles on his roof looked like they’re gonna fall
He looked, and said to me, “I thought that you were gonna call”

The emeraldish tint that his eyes were starting to get
From big, meniscus lenses, that I’ve noticed, the second we met
His body was all colored, it was strange
The colors of the rainbow there, from red to blue in range
His wings had drooped so low, I thought they would fall
For help that he should get, I was not sure just who to call

Advice, that was the thing, that I hoped to get from this guy
He looked so very frail, I thought before he gave it he’d die
He managed to croak out some senseless words
And so I say to you, advice you’d get not from the birds
He died, he could not stand, he had an awful fall
And instead of flying here, I wish that I had thought to call