Superman’s Life

TTTO “Eddie’s Teddy” from RHPS

From the day he was born
He was too strong
For his folks didn’t mourn
‘Till he knew they died
He grew up to be Clark
He’d fight in the light or the dark
He’d be on the good guys’ side

On the day he grew up, all he wanted
Was saving the planet, and all mankind
He tried in vain, but it needed rescue again and again
No rest for the saver he would find

When Clark Kent said his alien folks him sent
You knew he was a Kryptonite
But when he baked your pies, with those red-hot eyes
I’m his fan
Modern knight

Everyone adored him, I very nearly floored him
I said here is my sweet plot, I know this is your weak spot
Are green rocks that came to earth, from your home world

But when he escaped from his death trap
He saved the whole earth, and he let loise die (What’d he say, what’d he say)
I’ve gotta save Lois, I can’t live without hearing her voice
He turned time back, look at him fly!