Filkers ruined my music

<font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><em><strong>Filkers ruined my music</strong></em></font>
TTTO “Terrorists ate my homework” by Terence Chua

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Listener, oh listener
We live in trying times
These days it seems that nothing’s safe
No refuge can we find
Parody tainted all our stuff
Stained it with silly hues
And that’s the reason why my music’s
Unlistenable to you

Filkers ruined my music
I swear to God it’s true
Bob and Terence killed up my song tunes
Would I lie to you
They rewrote all the lyrics
But left a word intact
Yes, filkers ruined my music
I swear to God it’s true

I’d finished up the last few notes
And uploaded the song
When I saw the bandwidth rising
I knew it will go wrong
The lyrics were soon posted
A web site we all know
Which seems to have some evil songs
And the humour, it is low


Surrounded by those fearsome songs
I had no place to flee
May Cthulu drive them all insane
When rising from the sea
When I wrote about them in my blog
I felt like I had won
But they just took my words and tunes
And mashed them into one


Yes, filkers ruined my music
Really, would I lie to you?