The Last War

TTTO “If I Had a Rocket Launcher” by Bruce Cockburn

I see the zombies coming – just at the end of day
They’re crawling forward, shambling, they will not go away
How many more are taken, no one here can say
If I had a sawed off shotgun…the outcome I could sway

I did not believe in zombies, did not believe in fate
But it’s time to go to war now, we cannot sit and wait
When we gather the survivors, our tales of horror we relate
If I had a power chain saw…I would retaliate!

This war is not for power and it’s not about hate
And by now we cannot win it, I fear that it’s too late
Cry for every soldier who has died defending gates
If I had a big flame thrower…I would not hesitate

But I’m huddled in the closet, with the tears on my cheeks dry
I want to shout “we can make it, if we don’t give up and try!”
Situation desperate, to myself I cannot lie
All I’ve got is a revolver…I think I’d rather die!