Turing in the 21st Century

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<p style=”margin-left:30px;”> Original: Cicero in the 21st Century

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Times were bad fifty years ago
Said Turing: “if a look you’ll just take
The machines don’t halt when we tell them
And a human being they cannot fake”
Well it’s been a long time since Turing
But look around, it’s gotten worse
The computers still won’t halt it’s not the programmers at fault
And we’re singing a similar verse:

Yes these are terrible times that we live in,
Society is going to explode
Computers don’t obey their masters
And everyone is writing code

Once assembler used to take a lot of work
But high-level makes it a snap
You just create a dozen objects
Although the performance is crap
The algorithm doesn’t have to be clever
Or original or not trash;
If it runs occasionally that’s ok for you and me
And strings you’d not expect your program won’t reject
And ninety-nine percent of them crash


So now we’re living in a Turing dream
Computing resources are cheap
But the window system consumes them
And the features continue to creep
So come on all you need is Python
And motivation to scratch your itch
If the computer won’t obey you will make it run your way
Just write a script or two and run it on gentoo
And if you use the GPL then your code won’t go to hell
And you will be a programming witch