Bin There, Coded That

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Original: Bin There, Dun That (Echo’s Children)

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I had regular expressions and I thought that I’d use Perl
But with at, bang, hash and dollar, when I look at it I hurl
When I woke up the next morning, and I tried to hack the code
I decided I can’t do it, and it’s time to hit the road

Bin there, dun that, learned when I should leave
Got the conference’s t-shirt, and the other stuff they give
Yes, I bin there, dun that, learned to how to indent
So now I code in Python and that’s how I pay my rent

The CEO demanded that our language be the same
As what everyone is using, and no matter if it’s lame
So now all our work is Java, and the code is enterprise
But we tried to scale it up and we were in for a surprise


C plus plus is oriented, to objects, so they say
Just ask Alan Kay about it, he’ll explain it’s not the way
And when your code is full of templates, the compiler laughs at you
‘Cause the messages you get can be encoded jibb’rish goo

Those old parenthic languages, they got no sense of style
You just write the AST trees, it gets old after a while
And with Lispish reader macros, code can change before you blink
When you try to read it later, it does not mean what you think