Protein in the Jar

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Original: Whiskey in the Jar (Folk)

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As we were lookin’ for a job to keep us going
We saw a radar blip, and a spaceship it was showing
We first brought in Jayne, and then we brought in Zoe
For looting may be a crime, but it gets us somewhat dough-ey

Dong ma, bao bay, dong ma
Fly for the daddy ‘ol
Fly for the daddy ‘ol
There’s protein in the jar

We counted out our loot and it made a hefty booty
To take it all and sell it, well we felt it is our duty
We felt all warm and happy, for we could keep on flying
But the devil take the union, in all things they are prying

We had to have our Kaylee for to the bomb it was a-tickin’
The reavers booby-trapped the thing, we were gonna take a lickin’
But now just as we were free, and were gonna be rewarded
The union ship that spotted us said “please stop and be boarded”

T’was black in space as always, and the troops entered our haven
All mil’try-like and official, and their faces they were shaven
We showed them in with welcome, all ‘cept Simon and his sister
She was wanted by the union, and we made sure that they missed her

Now nobody can aid us, but Mal can save the captain
But Mal saved his life when he thought his death was certain
And so the captain freed us, but our booty he impounded
His “civilized” ideas – they left us all confounded

Now there’s some take delight in the fightin’ and the punching
And others take delight in the fine food they are munching
But I take delight in the spaceship that I’m flying
Cross my heart and hope to die, for of that I’ll not be lying