TTTO Julia Ecklar’s “Tribbles”

The books are all repetitive
The dreams are all the same
The fantasy is constant now
I’m not sure who to blame

The shelves, all bright and full now
The genre’s going strong
But these are all so boring
And try hard to be long –

Dragons in all fantasy
Their roars so fill the air
Their fires flame all citizens
They fly from here to there

So far they’ve gotten so cliche
And all the authors write
About them, and their ravages
The knights, with dragons fight

Now as reader, am I quite obliged
To suffer this? What for
The books with elves and dragons all,
My god, they’re such a bore

Dragons, now in sf too,
McCaffrey, you would dare
Sully this new genre too
Where dragons were so rare

Some have cool tricks, like acid breath or
Hypnotic, scary gaze
In earthsea they all speak true speech
In some books they just laze

There’s no race much more common
Except for, maybe, elves
In singles, or in families,
In books packed on the shelves

Now fans are trying very hard
To not get bored so fast
They keep on reading more and more
Of spells the dragons cast

Dragons in our Harry slash
In Harry het as well
And I wish I could kill them all
When they hatch from the shell

Our books would not be so cliche
New monsters, they would find
We’d have some more diversity
We’d break out of this bind

But I shall never get my wish
New books, the same old thing
The dragons have not gone away
To fantasy they cling

And in my sleeping, late at night
Of dragons, now I dream
These beasts with wings and breath of flame
Of nostrils blowing steam

Dragons, they won’t let me be
Sleeping, or awake,
I wish that we could all decide
From dragons, take a break