Gremlins 2.0

<font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><em><strong>Gremlins 2.0</strong></em></font>
Original: Gremlins (Leslie Fish)

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Little sprites of the ancient wood, got into whirling gears
Ever since the steam engine, they’ve been there for years
Now we’ve progressed on and on with solid-state machines
There are no more those moving parts, no clicky whirling tins

Pay your dues
Just two paths but you get to choose
Feed us now, or data lose
Gremlins everywhere

Machines are few, and far between, what should gremlins do?
They all turned to digital, seaking pastures new
They found a home in RAM and disk, sometimes a bit they flip
And they can cause your data gone if you just give them lip

Gremlins like the bits and bytes, the zeroes and the ones
Dumb machines are literal, they don’t get gremlin puns
Gremlins feast on code and docs, comments make their lunch
And files with no correct backup is what they like to crunch

So if those bugs are cropping up, best thing you can do
Is make peace with the gremlin horde, and make them work for you
Test and document your code, the formatting keep clean
And then they will do what you say – but still not what you mean