The Girl That is Thirteen

TTTO “Thirteen” by Michelle Dockrey

Based on “The Girl That’s Never Been” by Michelle Dockrey

It was sixteen years outside a movie, the show was aging, and I was found
I had not a thing except a photo, and a blue dress here in this town
I know the story, but I can’t know now, if it’s a dream or it is true
The shrinks all told me I’ve imagined, “you’re not Alice, she’s not you”

Alcohol and LSD
I had little pity on me
Humpty said I should stop at seven
Tell me what does it mean
The girl that’s never been

Cheshire tell me where I’m going, Cheshire tell me where I’ve been
Am I just imagination? Are we long-lost orphaned kin?
I have needed to go back there, I do not think it’s a sin
Now your words of hint and taunt, they get underneath my skin


Cheshire tell me all your stories, Cheshire sing me all your rhymes
Though so long I have been clean now, I want to go back this time
What’s the answer to the riddle, of the raven from my call?
It is nothing like a desk now, it is nothing like at all