Code Turned Back

TTTO “The Bow’s Turned Back”, Heather Alexander.

Dana wrote a beautiful song to the tune, in Hebrew, called <a href=””>Ad E’laich</a>. I translated it into English.

When the night turns lonely, I think of you only
As I sit and stare at the screen
Your bugs astound me, like drugs confound me,
As confused as I ever have been
It is getting late – oh my god, it’s eight
And the office is empty and dark
But I’ll still remain, and compile again,
“We’re alone now,” we both remark

For the threads are runnin’, the code is cunnin’,
And the bits are zero and one
And the bytes are shiftin’, the code’s upliftin’
The hours so quickly are gone

For the work so hard, you can’t disregard
One more colon, or half of such
In my dreams, you tease, as the deadlocks freeze
And I shudder awake with a touch
You become so cold, as the programs fold
And the shutdown’s sequence complete
But at dawn, next day, with the sun’s first ray
Once again, we both know, we will meet

If they say a machine from all feelings is clean,
I’ll not know if to cry or to laugh
For I know you well, I can surely tell
You feel more than humanity’s half
You are new and fresh, you’re not bone and flesh
You have left me with nary a choice
I need you to live, may the gods forgive
None will cry and I will rejoice

As the voltage risin’, and I’m revisin’,
Myself, my being, my all
As my programs are being installed
The chains of the flesh disappear
In this dream of an engineer