Scud, the short-term ballistic missile

TTTO “Scud, the disposable assassin” by Brooke Lunderville

The Iraqi regime’s in a deep situation
The US has decided now to rescue Kuwait
Nobody seems to be into the reconcilation
So Saddam has decided the Jews now to bait

It’s Scud, Scud, the short-range ballistic missile
Available from Russia for what dollars you got
Point ‘em at your enemy and near him they will whistle
But you’ll find it will miss much more often than not
…piece of crap

The missiles they fly nightly from the deep Iraqi desert
The batteries, they launch and than they go back and hide
The fly across the distance, the alarms wake all the people
Who will wait, in their rooms, ‘till it finally lands

What’s it got, it got, it got…

It doesn’t carry mustard, it’s a little less severe
It was just some explosives, there was no gas in store
And the gas masks were for nothing, and we think it is now clear
That’s it launched to make us, stop avoiding the war

It’s Scud, Scud…

But if we don’t launch the airplanes then we don’t fall for his plot
But a psychopathic dictator’s not a good think to keep
So the patriots are launched every time a Scud is shot
And we learn to keep our gas masks on and still to get sleep

Now this war won’t be much longer but it’s taken its toll
And though we are not fighting this, we still play our own role
So we wait patiently for peace now ‘cause we’re sick of this
If you want violent retribution, give it up, our ass kiss

So we won the six-day war with ease
We know when to fight and when to freeze
We will this one war out
No matter how hard you shout

It’s Scud, Scud…