Richard Stallman’s Dream

<font face=”Arial,Helvetica” size=”+1”><em><strong>Richard Stallman’s Dream</strong></em></font>
TTTO “Midsummer” Heather Alexander

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Cool breeze, sheltering trees,
In M. I. T it was
Hackler lone, wanted more
And from his mind, like fire rose
Software free, guarantee
You can use and tweak
He wrote the code
He is kind of a geek

shellutils, fileutils
followed gcc
Now it’s true that he had bugs
He debugged with gdb
By what right, on this night
Can you take the code?
GPL – use and change
If you’ll only exchange

Coders enter deep hacking mode
They produce very valuable code
Run a diff, and upload to the net
Happy to share the fruits of their sweat

Kernel’s too hard work
Hurd was not released
One last part, system’s heart
Critical and sorely missed
Linux came, dropped right in
And we all did see
For it rules, how cool
These hackers can be