Sign in the circle

TTTO of “Dance in the Circle” by Heather Alexander, though it’s really based on “Sing in the Circle” by Bob Kanefsky

I wrote it about Judie Miller, who does ASL interpretation of most of Consonance. It sounds weird, but it is a wonderful experience.

Here at the con there much more than just sound
You’ll find, if you sing here too long
There’s a person who’s moving and jumping around
And she’s making much better the song

If you see her, you’re in for a treat now
If she’s on the stage and she’s signing up there
If you do, then you won’t quite know how
She does it, though she does with flair

So please come, join, sign in the circle
The voices are not quite enough
Won’t you come, join, sign in the circle
We know that it has to be tough

She’s sign ASL and some improvizations
She’ll keep up with all the fast tunes
And just to match up all the creations
She makes up her own special runes


If you’re like me, I know you will be
Amazed at this genius of course,
My eyes are glued! Look here dude! She is doing a “horse”!
Big blue seas! Rockets’ breeze ! And all of these things, that
can’t just have signs
I am in awe! There’s no flaw! She’s just right on the lines
La da da, da, da …

But she is so great! She will stand and sign straight
‘Till the con is quite nearing the end
And sadly I fear, I must wait a whole year
Before I can see her again
In the bidding you, you see, a video was sold
The bidding was too high for me
And so I’m afraid, when it’s all done and told
I’m afraid, I won’t have that DVD