Higher Tier

TTTO “High Frontier”, Echo’s Children

I filed the ticket at the break of dawn:
“My DNS is down and the network gone”
And until they solve it, I’ll just wait right here
But it’s escalated to a higher tier

I get these promises through the night –
“Yes the problem handled, so please just hang tight”
The problem’s tricky, when it’s done’s not clear
My ticket’s handled by a higher tier

No matter how they tried, solutions they’d not found
And I’m getting angry and the wall I pound!
It would make things better if I had a beer
For it’s escalated to a higher tier


To solve my problem is a worthy task
But I get no answers: “when it’s done” I ask
So now I watch the phone, and in my eye a tear:
But it’s escalated to a higher tier


All it really needed was a quick reboot
But the guy who answered said had not root
So I said “ok”, quaking voice in fear
To escalate it to higher tier