The Magic of Science

Tune: original
Filk about <a href=””>Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality</a>

When the owl delivers the letter
Will I show my dad he does not know better?
I suggest an experiment — he can’t refuse
Though I know that he thinks it’s all a ruse

For he who knows both science and magic
Will rule the world, I don’t know how well
Will the end of my story be tragic?
There’s no evidence yet to tell

I have made mistakes, I don’t know who to trust
But the state of affairs just evokes disgust!
There is wrong in the world, it is too unjust
I must find the lever that I can adjust

With the Lord of Darkness defeated
Will I find myself in his dark throne seated?
For it is an old pattern, but is it real?
Is there light inside me enough to heal?

Will I create a heaven or hell?
There’s no evidence yet to tell!