They Want Me to Die

TTTO “בלדה בין כוכבים” by אדם

A song about the “Die Hard” series of movies.

I took off my shoes and made fists with my feet
The jetlag to heal, it’s a fine trick
With bare feet and a gun I will now have to beat
And find lots of bad guy ass to kick
I’ll shoot, jump and fall,
Find beat cops to call
Until I will get to punch news-dicks

I don’t why
These people all want me to die
I think that I’m going to cry
Gonna cry
And keep fighting

It’s christmas again, and I’m meeting my wife
I should have expected the fighting
For it seems to be the bad fate of my life
Or possibly, just some bad writing
I saved her again, Ms. Holly McLain
And once again christmas’s exciting


Just how many times I can try to survive
The villains who try to steal money
The gold just sits still, waits for them to arrive
Their plots are so said that’s they’re funny
The bits that they steal, are scarily real
And now they have kidnapped my honey