Stolen Pleasures

TTTO “Guilty Pleasures” by Steve Savitzky

Now the CD player is blaring
Music I got from a friend
I sing, windows open, through traffic I drive
And the lyrics I’m craving to bend
And I know that I ought to be stronger
And I know that it just ain’t right
But the muse is incessantly calling
And I’m gonna be losing this fight

It is such a pleasure
Destroying treasures
Although I still know it is wrong
The devil takes mimes,
And violent crimes
I can scare you all off with a song

Now some people think it’s insulting
Some think that the old tune is marred
When it’s bent out of shape, sings of Harry or Snape
They would like all such things to be barred
But just give me a tape with new folksongs
Traffic as heavy as hell
A red light or two, where there’s nothing to do
And to save all the lyrics, a cell

There’s a thing I can do with the rhyme here
A twist I can give to a word
There’s a joke I can play on a story
You’ll get if you’re really a nerd
If the tune wasn’t really that catchy
I wouldn’t be singing along
So if I have come up with new lyrics
It means I am liking this song

Well I finally got where I’m going
The song will be up on the blog
I might live in fear for a short time
I might have to hide in the fog
Now some men think it is sinning
And others just think I waste time
But if it makes people laugh, I am winning
When I make up a joke and a rhyme