I Meant to Code That

TTTO “I Meant to Do That” by Echo’s Children

The coders all chase hard bugs as the users demand
But sometimes the requests will start to get out of hand
We’ll ramble and we will rant and we will start to swear
“You see, it can’t be,” we told all who were there

(We said)
We meant to do that, oh don’t you suppose,
We did it on purpose for a technical cause
Since you’re just the users, and we wrote the code
We thought we ought to say it’s just the crash-happy mode

Our system sometimes crashes just to give you a scare
When given too much load, it stops, we crash ‘cause we care
When the core files litter the hard drives, the system won’t boot
Restoring it will need the tender cares of the “root”

(He’ll say)

When we do something foolish, we won’t run and hide
Those cynical souls say we’re salving our pride
We’ll pull ourselves together, and we’ll mumble in geek
You’ll guess that the solution takes no less than a week

(We’ll say)

From a coder’s book of etiquette, this lesson please take:
You don’t have to be embarassed if you make a mistake
Just mumble something geeky ‘bout “non-standard load”
And tell the watching crowd, “you know, it’s hard to write code”

(And say)