You’re Different Now

Tune: Original (recording coming soon)

I always wanted to get to space, look at my surprise
For the accident changed my fate, now I got my prize
Now I know that the human race isn’t all alone
Never knew that I’d like to date an alien I’ve known

Look at how you’re different now
It defies belief
There’s a flaw in upholding law
When you’re now a thief

I know this weird thing that we had was a real tough time
It’s been a long and rocky road, and an uphill climb
I never thought that you’d be this mad, look at what you’ve done
Are you doing this just to goad? This is not much fun


Our time together has been increased, a few hours more
No time to work on our feelings, tough, as we win the war
Your time as Aeryn was all but ceased, Vala Mal Doran
So we fixed several galaxies, what’s next on the plan?