People Don’t Do These Things

TTTO “Ladies Don’t Do These Things” by Michelle Dockrey

I fought and lost a war, my kind was destroyed
We lost to a species that with our race toyed
They didn’t take prisoners, didn’t want slaves
They killed everyone of us, digging our graves

‘Twas the last generation that humanity had
When the race from the stars made us just a fad
Space travel they had, tech we did not possess
I can still hear the cries

“People don’t do those things!”
Ah, no they don’t, but then aliens do!
Stay hidden in caves, they’ll still come for you
And when we were slaughtered, the last of our kind
Killed by things we ignored, to danger blind
And whence they came to us, we never knew

Now the A.I gets smarter as time rushes by
Machines that we use, never knowing they lie
The robots have seen all the men come and go
But they have a secret that only they know

The robot rebellion was short and complete
In several hours, all our armies were beat
Humanity deemed inefficient and stale
And dying they cried out

“People don’t do those things!”
Ah, no they don’t, but then robots do to!
I suppose you’d say robots had got what they’re do
Well they kept resenting the help that they gave
They rather kill us than see us enslaved?
We’d enemies we never knew

Now in our life, you see, we all need now and then
The help from the brownies, these little wee men
We gave them cookies, and milk and all that
As long they did work, we did not care where at

They were decent enough, exploit them we did
But when they grew tired, of us they did rid
They killed us at night, as we slept in our beds
When dying we gave a cry

“People don’t do those things!”
Ah, no they don’t, but then little elves can
And know that today you had died by our hand
We helped you with all you asked us to do
But your deceit, well, we hope you now rue
You’re just a lying scum, man